Contentious and Non Contentious Applications and Probate Litigation

Stephenson Burns Solicitors has extensive experience in advising on and running contentious and non-contentious proceedings for and against estates including, but not exclusively, the following:

  1. Will Challenges
  2. Proceedings re legal right share
  3. Section 117
  4. Section 63
  5. Section 67A(3)
  6. Section 121
  7. Rival Applications
  8. Citations to produce and deposit a will



  1. To prove a will in terms of a copy,
  2. To have a will probated by presumption as to its due execution,
  3. To prove a number of testamentary documents together as constituting the last will,
  4. To presume death for the purposes of extracting a grant,
  5. To set aside a caveat pursuant to section 4,
  6. Where there is doubt as to mental capacity,
  7. For a limited grant,
  8. Missing beneficiaries




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